WOW!! Laapataa Ladies fame Chhaya Kadam makes her Cannes debut, wearing her late mother’s saree and traditional nose ring

Manju Maai, aka Chhaya Kadam, the actress from Laapataa Ladies, has shared photos from Cannes 2024 and expressed her delight about making her debut at the prestigious film festival.

Laapataa Ladies actor Manju Maai, alias Chhaya Kadam, who captured millions of hearts with her Portugal performance, is now making her Cannes debut.

The actress turned to Instagram to post photos of herself and discuss her debut in a traditional saree. Chhaya states that the saree and nose ring belonged to her late mother.


Chhaya Kadam, as Manju Maai, is one of the most promising characters in Laapataa Ladies; everyone is talking about the way she spoke against societal stereotypes about women; Chhaya Kadam did not play, but rather lived Manju Maai.

Talking about essaying a role like Manju Maai, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama she said,”The movie is so special for women. It speaks about their education and rights. For example, Phool is happy by being a wife and having that ghoonghat. So that needs to change. But I feel that every woman should get to do what makes her feels good. Like, Jaya (Pratibha) wanted to study further. Even my character got such dialogues to mouth. Like, ‘Maine bhi haq jama diya.’ And I am also like that when it comes to dealing with an abusive husband. So, this film is so important even for single women.”

Chhaya Kadam truly deserves all of the love and recognition for her amazing portrayal as Manju Maai in Laapataa Ladies. The film is directed by Kiran Rao and produced by Aamir Khan.