Who is Juno Temple playing in ‘Venom: The Last Dance?’

Looks like Eddie Brock and Venom are gearing up for another wild ride in Venom: The Last Dance, and they’re bringing some new faces along for the adventure, including Juno Temple. You might recognize her as the charming Keeley Jones from Ted Lasso, but now she’s about to shake things up in the world of Venom.


So, who exactly is Juno Temple playing in Venom: The Last Dance?


Well, the latest trailer dropped some hints, showcasing her character alongside the symbiote shenanigans. While her role wasn’t explicitly named in the trailer, closed captions spilled the beans—she’s Dr. Payne.

Now, the name Dr. Payne might not ring any bells from the Marvel Comics universe, but it does bear a striking resemblance to Thaddeus Paine, a rather unsavory character known for his gruesome experiments on the terminally ill. Sporting metal surgical gloves and an insatiable hunger for human brains, Paine was a second-tier villain with a penchant for trouble.

In the comics, Paine and Eddie Brock crossed paths, with the former conducting twisted experiments on Brock after he was separated from Venom. Of course, once reunited, Venom and Eddie dealt with Paine in their own, uh, unique way—let’s just say brains were involved.

Now, whether Juno Temple’s Dr. Payne shares any similarities with her comic book counterpart remains to be seen. The trailer hints at other villains like Toxin and symbiotes from Venom’s homeworld, adding to the mystery surrounding Temple’s character.

But one thing’s for sure—seeing Tom Hardy’s Venom chow down on brains would be a fitting climax for the trilogy. After all, The Last Dance calls for a last shared meal, doesn’t it?

So, mark your calendars for October 25th, when Venom: The Last Dance hits theaters and promises to deliver another round of symbiote-fueled chaos.