Where can I watch ‘Demon Slayer’ season 4?

The Hashira training program has officially kicked off in preparation for the final showdown against Muzan, marking the much-anticipated start of Demon Slayer season 4. Here’s where you can catch all the action as our heroes gear up to put an end to Muzan’s sinister ambitions.

Reigning supreme as the most popular fantasy anime since 2019, the Taisho-era saga Demon Slayer entered its 2024 season with accolades such as Best Fantasy, Best Animation, and Best Art Direction from the 8th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. After the climactic conclusion of the Swordsmith Village arc in June 2023, Demon Slayer season 4 quickly became one of the most anticipated anime of 2024.

The previous season took Koyoharu Gotouge’s original manga up to the end of the Swordsmith Village arc, covering chapter 127. In a dramatic season finale, Tanjiro defeated the Upper Four Moon Hantengu, and Nezuko gained immunity to sunlight—a pivotal plot twist. Learning of Nezuko’s newfound resistance, Muzan sets his sights on devouring her to achieve his own immunity, sending the demon slayer corps into high alert as they scramble to devise a plan to confront him.

After a long but rewarding wait, Demon Slayer season 4 premiered on May 12, 2024, following a one-hour special compilation film released in theaters on February 23. Season 4 begins adapting the Hashira Training arc, starting from manga chapter 128, showcasing Tanjiro and the other demon slayers undergoing rigorous training under the Hashiras to prepare for the ultimate battle against the Demon King. If you’re not already on board with the latest season, here’s where you can watch it!

Where to watch Demon Slayer season 4?

Demon Slayer has found its streaming home on Crunchyroll since its premiere in 2019. For fans outside Japan, new episodes of season 4 are released weekly on Sundays exclusively on Crunchyroll. This includes regions such as North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, CIS, India, and Southeast Asia.

Regarding the release time, Crunchyroll shifted the drop of new episodes from 10:45 am PT (Pacific Time) to 8:45 am PT starting with episode 5. Japanese viewers can catch new episodes at 2:45 am JST on Mondays on Fuji TV and other local networks.

In a first for Indian viewers, the streaming service JioCinema is also airing new episodes of Demon Slayer season 4 through its anime hub. Indian fans can turn to JioCinema to stay up to date with the latest episodes. Additionally, seasons 1-3 are now available to stream on the platform.