Marvel confirms Blade can only be killed by 1 Marvel character

In the latest Marvel storyline, “Blood Hunt,” Blade has taken an unexpected turn by becoming the leader of a vampire uprising, shocking even Dracula himself. This twist forces Dracula to reluctantly team up with the Avengers to combat Blade’s reign of terror. However, it becomes clear that only one person holds the key to ending this chaos: Blade’s own daughter, Brielle Brooks, also known as Bloodline.

Brielle Brooks, or Bloodline, is a relatively new character in Marvel comics, first introduced in Free Comic Book Day 2022 and further developed in the “Bloodline: Daughter of Blade” miniseries. She inherited vampiric-based powers from her father but grew up unaware of her lineage, living a normal life under protective spells. Upon discovering her heritage and meeting Blade for the first time, she began training under him.


In “Blood Hunt” #3, Dracula reveals to Brielle that she is Blade’s weakness and the only one who can ultimately defeat him. This revelation places her at the center of the conflict, where she must reconcile her feelings towards her father with her duty to stop him. Despite initially working with Dracula, whom Blade had warned her about, Brielle now faces the daunting task of confronting her father and potentially ending his threat to the Marvel universe.

Dracula’s prophecy that Blade can only die by Bloodline’s hand sets the stage for a dramatic showdown. Beyond just defeating Blade, the story hints at Bloodline possibly inheriting her father’s role as the Daywalker — a powerful vampire hunter with the unique ability to walk in daylight, which has been Blade’s iconic status in Marvel lore.

The narrative not only explores Brielle’s growth as a hero but also positions her as a pivotal figure in Marvel’s supernatural landscape. As she grapples with her newfound powers and responsibilities, including the fate of her father and the world at large, Bloodline emerges as a compelling character poised to potentially take on Blade’s mantle as Marvel’s premiere horror hero.

As “Blood Hunt” unfolds, the stakes are high for Bloodline, thrust into a conflict that challenges her identity, abilities, and the future she is destined to shape in the Marvel universe. Fans can expect intense action and emotional depth as Brielle Brooks navigates her path amidst the shadows and secrets of the vampire world.