Kaiju No. 8 Episode 10 Release date: When to expect it?

In the latest episode of Kaiju No. 8, Vice-Captain Soshiro Hoshina faced a daunting challenge as he confronted Kaiju No. 10, a formidable opponent whose strength and resilience proved to be overwhelming. Initially hailed for his prowess against smaller kaiju, Hoshina found himself outmatched by the sheer size and power of the Daikaiju No. 10.


Kaiju No. 8 Episode 10 Release Date and Streaming Details


Kaiju No. 8 Episode 10 is set to premiere on Saturday, July 15, 2024, at 11:00 pm JST, with international availability on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and Crunchyroll varying by region. For viewers in Pacific Time, Eastern Time, and GMT, the episode will be accessible in the early morning hours of the same day.


Kaiju No. 8 Episode 10 Plot Spoilers “Exposure”

In Episode 10 titled “Exposure,” Hoshina continues his valiant struggle against Kaiju No. 10, despite being outmatched in both size and combat strength. Utilizing his agility and combat skills, Hoshina attempts to breach the kaiju’s formidable defenses with his blades. However, his efforts are hindered as his suit begins to overheat under the strain of battle, leaving him vulnerable to the kaiju’s relentless assaults.

The tension escalates as Hoshina, determined to swiftly end the confrontation, faces additional threats from the wyvern-type kaiju minions under Kaiju No. 10’s command. As the battle intensifies, hope wanes among his comrades, notably affecting Konomi who witnesses the struggle unfold. Amidst the dire circumstances, Kafka is compelled to intervene by transforming, a decision met with resistance from Reno.

Just as all seems lost, Mina Ashiro steps in to aid in the confrontation, potentially turning the tide against the rampaging kaiju forces.


Episode 9 Recap: “Raid on Tachikawa Base”

In the preceding Episode 9, chaos ensues as Tachikawa Base comes under a surprise attack by a coordinated assault of kaiju led by Kaiju No. 10. Vice-Captain Hoshina springs into action, rallying the Defense Force to combat the onslaught. The humanoid kaiju, designated No. 10, proves to be a formidable adversary with a fortitude rating of 8.3, categorized as a Daikaiju.

As Hoshina engages in a fierce battle against Kaiju No. 10, his tactical acumen and combat prowess are put to the test. Meanwhile, other Defense Force members, including Kafka and his allies, confront the wyvern-type kaiju, employing strategic maneuvers to target their vulnerable points. The clash escalates into a relentless struggle, showcasing the resilience and determination of both the human defenders and their monstrous foes.