Is Tom Brady the behind Gisele’s split from Jiu-Jitsu trainer boyfriend?

Gisele Bündchen’s relationship with Joaquim Valente, which started after her divorce from Tom Brady, has come to an end, reportedly due in part to the aftermath of Tom Brady’s Netflix roast. Initially, their romance began as a friendship that evolved into something more after her split from Brady, with sources indicating they were taking things slowly and keeping it private.

However, the relationship faced challenges after Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, where comedians made jokes about Gisele and her personal life, including her relationship with Valente. Kevin Hart’s joke, in particular, received attention for its explicit nature, referencing intimate aspects of her life. The attention and scrutiny from the roast, which also involved jokes about Brady and his family, reportedly became overwhelming for Valente, described as a “regular guy” unaccustomed to such public scrutiny.


According to reports from In Touch, the attention Valente received and the jokes made at the roast contributed to strains in his relationship with Bündchen. The scrutiny and public perception, including speculation linking Valente to the cause of Bündchen’s divorce from Brady, reportedly made him uncomfortable. This discomfort eventually led to the end of their relationship.

Gisele Bündchen, reportedly annoyed with Tom Brady for participating in the roast, feels that the negative attention generated from the event hastened the demise of her relationship with Valente. Meanwhile, Brady himself expressed regret over the roast’s impact, particularly how it affected his children. He stated that while he enjoyed jokes about himself, the jokes that touched on his family were difficult for him to accept, and he wouldn’t participate in such events again to protect his loved ones from unnecessary scrutiny.

Overall, the aftermath of Tom Brady’s Netflix roast appears to have played a significant role in disrupting Gisele Bündchen’s relationship with Joaquim Valente, illustrating the complexities of maintaining privacy and managing public perception in the world of celebrity relationships.