Is Kevin Spacey in Jail?

Whether or not they know his name, any movie lover knows Kevin Spacey’s face. The American Beauty actor helped shape Hollywood for decades before losing everything amid a slew of sexual assault accusations. These claims, fueled by the #MeToo movement, spanned decades and involved nine accusers—most of whom were minors at the time of the alleged incidents.


What was Kevin Spacey accused of?

In 2017, six men in the U.K. accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault. The following year, American actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making sexual advances toward him in 1986, when Rapp was just 14 years old.

Spacey issued an apology to Rapp, claiming he didn’t recall the event. In a controversial move, he used the moment to come out as gay. This announcement was met with backlash, with many in the gay community, including actor Billy Eichner, accusing Spacey of trying to deflect from the accusations and implying a damaging connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

By 2018, Spacey faced seven open cases, and by 2020, two more cases were brought against him by American men who claimed Spacey had assaulted them as teenagers.


Was Kevin Spacey found guilty?

Kevin Spacey was acquitted on all counts. His American legal troubles largely evaporated after Rapp failed to correctly identify the apartment where the alleged incident took place, and the other two accusers either declined to testify or failed to provide evidence.

In 2019, two of Spacey’s accusers died, prompting conspiracy theorists to speculate that Spacey had them murdered. This theory was fueled by a video Spacey posted the day before one accuser’s apparent suicide, where he channeled his House of Cards character, Frank Underwood, in a short clip titled “KTWK,” or “Kill Them with Kindness.”

Despite the numerous accusations and his questionable online behavior, Spacey was also acquitted of all charges in the U.K. in 2023.

Although Spacey was found not guilty, his career took a nosedive. He tearfully told Piers Morgan that his legal battles drained his finances, and the resulting stigma made it difficult to find work. Spacey admitted to being “flirty,” “promiscuous,” and “definitely persistent,” but he maintained that he would not apologize for accusations he deemed false or exaggerated.

“I take full responsibility for my past behavior and my actions, but I cannot and will not take responsibility or apologize to anyone who’s made up stuff about me or exaggerated stories about me,” Spacey stated.

After years of being synonymous with child predation and bizarre self-broadcasted videos, the damage to Spacey’s public image seems irreparable. However, Spacey insists he is ready for a comeback, saying his next step is to “get back on the horse.”

Whether audiences are willing to give the 64-year-old a second chance remains to be seen.