Is Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good?

Jonathan Majors has been in the news for quite some time now for the domestic violence charges being filed by his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari in late March. He had appeared for the hearing on the 6th of May for the first time and on May 9th his offences were extended to a three-degree assault.


Amid the legal proceedings, the Marvel star has been reported dating Meagan Good. A source has confirmed that both actors have gotten close and their relationship is claimed to be ‘fairly new.’ The rumoured couple were spotted last week at the Alamo Drafthouse situated in Los Angeles. They were seen having a great time and weren’t in any way trying to hide their sparkling romance.

For the moment, Jonathan is still fighting the case against his ex-girlfriend in New York City. The actor was charged with slapping Grace in the backseat of the Taxi after they were clubbing in NewYok city. Although Majors advocate, Priya Chaudhry has made her best attempt to prove her client innocent by showcasing text messages and CCTV footage from the club.

In one video, Grace appeared drinking and partying and was fine without any alleged injuries. Majors has been to the court this week in the hope of being restrained from the charges but it comes as no good that the charges remain the same.