Is Glen Powell’s parents supporting his latest movie Hit-Man?

Parents take immense pride in their children’s achievements, and Hollywood’s rising star Glen Powell is no exception. Recently, Powell’s success has soared with his latest Netflix hit, “Hit Man,” which premiered on May 24, 2024. Proudly displaying their support in a unique way, Powell’s parents donned matching jackets inspired by the film, with “Hit Dad” and “Hit Mom” emblazoned boldly in yellow on the back. Powell himself shared their stylish statement on Instagram, playfully captioning it “Tracksuit Safari.”


Is Glen Powell’s parents supporting his latest movie Hit-Man?


Powell’s family has long been a pillar of support in his career. Notably, they have made cameo appearances in several of his films, including playing airline passengers in the successful 2023 romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” which grossed $190 million worldwide. Their involvement underscores not just familial pride but a genuine bond with Powell’s professional journey.

Reflecting on his parents’ enduring marriage of over 40 years, Powell shared insights into their relationship wisdom during an interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show in June 2024. He highlighted their advice on love, emphasizing the importance of shared humor in sustaining a long-lasting union. “You always have to have somebody that can see the silver lining, the bright side of things, and just the humor, whether it’s good or bad,” Powell recounted, echoing his parents’ sage counsel.

“Hit Man,” a standout project for Powell, was co-written by him and directed by Richard Linklater. The film casts Powell in a compelling role as a New Orleans police contractor undercover as a hitman, navigating complex moral dilemmas and unexpected romance. Garnering praise from critics, it achieved a remarkable 96% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, underscoring its impact and Powell’s growing stature as a leading talent in Hollywood.

As Powell continues to carve out a path of success in the entertainment industry, his family remains a steadfast source of encouragement and inspiration. Their visible support and shared moments in both personal and professional spheres reflect a deep-rooted bond that fuels Powell’s journey towards greater achievements in film and beyond.