Here’s what Russell Crowe has to say about Ryan Gosling

In the realm of method acting stalwarts, Russell Crowe is renowned for his unwavering dedication to his roles. Yet, there’s one cheeky exception that manages to crack his stoic facade – enter Ryan Gosling.

During a recent chat with GQ, Crowe peeled back the layers on his experience filming the 2016 comedy “The Nice Guys” alongside Gosling. Playing the roles of Jackson Healy, a hired enforcer, and Holland March, a bumbling private eye, the duo navigates a quirky investigation involving a missing girl and the suspicious demise of a porn star.


Crowe, typically known for maintaining a serious demeanor on set, admitted to his Achilles’ heel when working with Gosling: uncontrollable laughter, or as actors call it, “corpsing.” “That little [expletive] gets me every time,” Crowe confessed with a grin, pointing squarely at Gosling as the culprit.

Director Ridley Scott once humorously remarked on Crowe’s unflinching focus, joking that even if the Colosseum were collapsing behind him, Crowe would remain in character. Yet, Gosling’s comedic prowess proves to be the kryptonite to Crowe’s resolve. Whether it’s presenting at awards shows, bantering on talk shows, or sharing the screen, their comic chemistry is undeniable.

This isn’t the first time Crowe has showered praise on Gosling’s ability to tickle his funny bone. In a 2020 interview with Business Insider, Crowe lauded Gosling as a “comic genius” who effortlessly brings levity to any scene. “Ryan Gosling can make me laugh in a heartbeat,” Crowe marveled, illustrating their seamless camaraderie both on and off camera.

At 60, Crowe remains prolific in his craft, having wrapped five films this year alone, including diverse projects like “The Exorcism,” “Sleeping Dogs,” and the upcoming “Kraven the Hunter.” He’s also ventured into historical drama with “Nuremberg,” slated for release in 2025.

Reflecting on his collaboration with Gosling, Crowe’s admiration is palpable. “It’s more fun than anything else, you know?” Crowe mused about their time together on set. “We just listen to each other,” he added, underscoring the simplicity of their comedic synergy.

In the dynamic world of Hollywood, where serious actors and comic savants collide, Crowe and Gosling’s partnership stands out as a testament to the power of shared humor and professional camaraderie. As they continue to captivate audiences with their on-screen antics, one thing remains clear: Russell Crowe may be a master of drama, but Ryan Gosling has the comedic chops to make even the most serious actor crack a smile.