Everything you need to know about Hannah from Love Island USA

Hannah Smith has emerged as a notable contestant on Love Island USA Season 6, capturing the interest of fans with her intriguing background and eventful journey in the villa. Here are four key facts about her:

  1. Occupation and Influencer Status: Based in Charlotte, NC, Hannah works as a bottle server at a bar, delivering whole bottles of wine and liquor to customers—a role that places her in the heart of social nightlife. Beyond her job, she also operates as an influencer with a significant Instagram following, engaging with around 12,000 followers as of early June.
  2. Passion for Travel: Hannah is passionate about traveling, despite having a minor fear of flying due to turbulence. Her Instagram highlights showcase her adventures, featuring destinations like Miami, the Florida Keys, and New York City, among others.
  3. Hyperhidrosis: Hannah deals with hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating, particularly from her hands and feet. This condition can be managed through various treatments, including antiperspirants and other medical therapies.
  4. Love Island USA Journey: In the first week of Love Island USA Season 6, Hannah initially paired up with Kendall Washington, leading to a notable romantic encounter in the villa’s makeup room after an initial make-out session by the pool. However, their relationship encounters turbulence as teased in a trailer, hinting at potential challenges ahead for the couple.

For fans looking to follow her journey and updates beyond the show, Hannah can be found on Instagram under the handle @hvsxoxo. As Love Island USA Season 6 continues to unfold with new episodes premiering daily on Peacock at 9 p.m. ET, viewers eagerly anticipate how Hannah’s storyline will evolve amidst the ups and downs of villa life.