Did Drake drunk-text Jennifer Lopez?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez never officially confirmed their romance, but their frequent appearances at each other’s concerts and cozy social media posts had fans buzzing with speculation. The two seemed to be on the brink of a hot and heavy relationship, but it never quite materialized into something serious.

Drake once confessed in a song about sending a tipsy text to the Selena star. In the opening track of his 2017 album “More Life,” titled “Free Smoke,” he rapped, “I drunk text J.Lo/ Old number so it bounce back/ Boy Wonder gotta bounce back,” revealing that he had tried to reach out to her while under the influence. This lyrical admission added fuel to the rumors, even though neither of them publicly acknowledged the message or the implications behind it.

Despite the buzz, insiders revealed that Drake and JLo were only casually seeing each other. They enjoyed each other’s company and were spotted working on music together, which led many to believe there was more to their relationship. One source told PEOPLE, “They seem to really like and respect each other, but it’s early. Where it goes, we shall see. Friends of them both are hoping it becomes something, but it’s too early to say more than that.”

Although they were often seen together for music collaborations, another insider noted, “They clearly enjoy each other on another level, too. Jen loves the attention and she seems very happy to be spending time with him. Drake is very charming. He treats Jen with lots of respect. She seems very smitten.” Their chemistry was undeniable, but it seemed that the timing wasn’t right.

By the end of 2016, reports suggested that the two were happy together, especially since JLo had just ended her on-and-off relationship with Casper Smart. This breakup seemed to pave the way for her to explore her connection with Drake. However, by March 2017, their brief romance had fizzled out. Jennifer Lopez clarified the situation on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” stating, “Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake. Maybe that’s all I need to say.”

While their romantic relationship didn’t last, Jennifer Lopez left a significant mark on Drake’s music. They collaborated on the song “Get It Together,” and JLo’s vocals were later replaced by Jorja Smith in the final version. Additionally, Drake sampled JLo’s chorus from her hit “If You Had My Love” for his track “Teenage Fever,” showcasing her lasting influence on his work.

In the end, the much-speculated relationship between Drake and Jennifer Lopez was more of a fleeting flirtation than a lasting love story. Yet, their brief time together managed to spark creativity and provide fans with some memorable moments and music.