DC makes a deal with Webtoon: Characters will be coming to Webcomics

DC and Webtoon join hands to provide comics for the new generation on mobile comic platform.


The DCU superheroes will be appearing in many of the upcoming webcomic series as Warner Media DC entertainment has made a deal with Webtoon.

DC and Webtoon would be collaborating with Naver a South Korean company which will work on standalone webcomics which will appeal to all fans, fresh to old because you won’t need to know or read any previous stories, claimed the companies.

DC and Webtoon disclose any details about the amazing superheroes from the DCU collection yet which includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern.

The owners are planning to unveil more in the coming weeks and these DC+Webtoon Comics would be first available in English along with other languages.

DC Comics SVP and GM Daniel Cherry III started that DC is ecstatic to introduce the new iconic characters to a new generation of worldwide fans.

In addition he added that DC has been working closely with the artists and writers of Webtoon to adapt the characters into mobile format comics.

“Our shared goal is to create fun and compelling DC stories that all readers will enjoy”

As a pioneer of web-based comics, webtoon has an average of 72 million active users a month among which 10 millions of which are in the U.S.

The Webtoon App is free to download for Android and I.O.S user on which all the webcomics are available from titles and genres including romance, thriller, fantasy, comedy. Webtoon was launched in 2014 in U.S.

Ken Kim, CEO of Webtoon Entertainment U.S claimed that DC wants to develop content for young generation and the main focus is on the audience of 16-24.

“It is going to be beneficial for DC and Webtoon”.