Brad Pitt is all set to star in Tarantino’s “The Movie Critic”

‘The Movie Critic,’ a LA-based 1977 film that represents Quentin Tarantino’s last days in front of the camera, with Brad Pitt and Tarantino.

Brad Pitt will join Quentin Tarantino for the latter’s final film, The Movie Critic. This will be their fourth stage, having worked with Pitt in True Romance (1993), Inglourious Basterds (2008) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which won him his first Oscar for best supporting actor.

As Tarantino has already announced that he would like to make 10 films and then retire, this film is likely his last. This will be his 10th feature since Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which earned $377 million worldwide. According to Tarantino, Pitt is “one of the last remaining big-screen movie stars.” The Movie Critic is a 1977 Los Angeles-set drama film that centres on a critic who writes for a fictitious publication named The Popstar Pages. The storyline of the movie is “based on a guy who really lived but was never really famous, and he used to write movie reviews for a porno rag.” He continued, “He was very rude, you know. He cursed. He used racial slurs. But his sh*t was really funny. He was as rude as hell.”


Pitt is yet to appear in the film since he has a very busy schedule ahead of him. He is currently working on an Apple-produced Formula One racing movie with director Joseph Kosinski, who also helmed Top Gun: Maverick. The Bullet Train actor will also be appearing in another F1 film with Javier Bardem and Damson Idris, which is currently untitled. In addition to this, he will star opposite George Clooney in the Apple thriller Wolfs and has recently released titles like action thriller Bullet Train and showbiz drama Babylon.

Tarantino wants the lead of The Movie Critic to be a new leading man for him in 35 years. He also characterised the figure as ‘a great critic’ who was “hell of a cynic”. He claimed that his reviews were somewhere between the early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle would be if he were a film critic. He said that to Deadline while at the Cannes Film Festival last year, where he premiered Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The Movie Critic is likely to begin shooting either late this year or in early 2025.