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Google’s dance design celebrates India’s diverse culture this Independence Day 2021

Google commemorates 75th Independence Day with a diverse design of dancers demonstrating India’s multiculturalism

Google commemorates 75th Independence Day with a display of a diverse doodle on Sunday. The design features several classical and folk dancers in detailed colourful attire and kites flying in the blue backdrop while all the created caricatures stand on the same stage.

Google’s design is based on six classical and folk dancers all performing on the same platform elaborating on India’s diverse cultural traditions.

Satan Mukherjee, a Kolkata based artist is the creator of this multicultural artwork. Google expressed that the artwork represents a celebration of freedom across the 29 States who have an array of different customs and traditions depending on the region all in one nation.

The diverse forms of dance in the design vary from Bharatnatyam which is the oldest dance style to Bihu, Bhangra and Kathakali.

Last year’s design from Google featured several Indian folk instruments like dhol, shehnai, tutari, even, bansuri, sarangi which also captures the essence of diverse Indian art forms.

This artwork of amazing instruments represented the rich musical legacy of India which is as ancient as 6,000 years.The previous doodle was made by Sachin Ghanekar, a Mumbai-based artist who wished to convey the concept of the rich heritage of our nation, India, to all its citizens.