Gauahar Khan’s husband Zaid Darbar criticised for insensitive Instagram post

Bollywood couple Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar, who tied the knot in December 2020, have recently been in the limelight for various reasons. The duo faced headlines earlier this month when the BMC demolished decor at their son’s first birthday party. More recently, Gauahar expressed her frustration about not being able to vote using her Aadhar Card during the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Now, Zaid Darbar is under fire on Reddit for an insensitive Instagram post.

The Controversial Post


On Tuesday, a Reddit post titled ‘Gauahar Khan’s clown husband’ gained traction, highlighting Zaid’s recent Instagram Stories. In the post, Zaid posed for a photo on a footpath while a homeless man slept nearby. He captioned the photo with a controversial remark, “No AC, no fan, no darkness, but still sleeping so peacefully because no wife?” He tagged Gauahar and added, “But I am the most peaceful with you jaanu (darling) I love you jaanu…”


Gauhar Khans Clown Husband
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Backlash on Social Media

Zaid, son of music composer Ismail Darbar, faced immediate backlash for his post. Many Reddit users criticized him for his insensitivity. One Redditor questioned, “Is he really that stupid to put up a story like this?” Another user mentioned Gauahar, an actor and Bigg Boss 7 winner, saying, “Gauahar is always busy in gyaan peloying (schooling) others and her husband is like this. Even yesterday (May 20), madam had a problem at the polling booth. Also, what gave him (Zaid) the right to click a random man’s picture, let alone while he is sleeping?? Imagine if someone had clicked him or Gauahar like that without consent?”

Another comment pointed out the tastelessness of the joke, “Tasteless joke in so many ways. It’s obviously sexist and boomer humour. Of course it’s also making fun of someone who is poor. What a sad man to get married to.” A further comment added, “Beyond disgusting and insensitive! F*** this dude and whoever took this picture.”

A user summed up the outrage by stating, “Oh my God. Where does one start? Making a misogynistic joke at the expense of someone who is clearly impoverished is his idea of humour? Consent naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai (There is something called consent).”