Zayn Malik reportedly charged with four harassment charges against Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolonda Hadid

One Direction alum, Zayn Malik was reportedly charged with four harassment cases against Gigi Hadid and Yolonda Hadid. He also allegedly screamed at the guard. The singer will be punished and subjected to restrictions for the mentioned.

Singer-songwriter, Zayn Malik has allegedly entered his plea after being charged with crimes against Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolonda Hadid, reports TMZ, via Just Jared. According to paperwork acquired by TMZ, Zayn has been charged with four counts of harassment and has allegedly pled no contest, according to a court official.

Although one official document indicates that he pled guilty to one of the counts, court authorities informed TMZ that he pled no contest to all of them. Zayn was reportedly in his and Gigi’s Pennsylvania house on September 29 when he got into a dispute with Yolanda Hadid, according to TMZ, via Just Jared. Reportedly, Zayn called her a “f*g Dutch st”. He also asked Yolonda to  “stay away from [my] f*g daughter,” adding “the f*g sperm that came out of [my] f*g c*k.” After that, he allegedly shove Yolanda into a dresser “causing mental anguish and physical pain.”


Zayn denied any physical contact, according to TMZ through Just Jared. The One Direction alum admits to using “tough language” during his “fight” with Gigi Hadid’s “family member” in a Twitter post about the disagreement.

“Strap on some f*g balls and defend your partner against your f*g mother in my house,” Malik allegedly yelled at Gigi. He is also said to have screamed at a security guard. “Get the FK out of my f*g house copper,” Zayn is believed to have screamed while attempting to start a brawl with the guard.

The musician has allegedly been punished and subjected to the following restrictions after pleading no contest:

– 90 days probation for each count, which totals to 360 days for four charges.
– Completion of an anger management class and domestic violence program.
– No contact with Yolanda or the security guard.

According to Just Jared, if all of the restrictions are satisfied, the court may be able to terminate the probation after six months.