Yami Gautam responds to mean comments on her post suggesting her husbands peace disrupted after marriage: 'How mean' | Business Upturn

Yami Gautam responds to mean comments on her post suggesting her husbands peace disrupted after marriage: ‘How mean’

Kapil Sharma show saw the parade of many photos of the guest stars: Yami Gautam, Jacqueline Fernandez and Saif Ali Khan on their social media handles in a new segment and went through some funny and well, some mean comments.

Actors Saif Ali Khan, Yami Gautam and Jacqueline Fernandez graced the Kapil Sharma Show to promote their new release Bhoot Police. The actors seemed to enjoy the many antics of the Kapil Sharma show. In response to Kapil’s not-so-innocent question about Saif’s time in quarantine and having a baby, Saif taking the bait said he learned French and cooking, in the first half and with a mischievous wink said the next was the baby.

Further, they discussed about Yami Gautam’s surprise weeding, and moved forward to the new segment of the show which features the many liked and shared photographs of the guests from their social media and read out some clever and funny comments. The theme of the pictures revolved around workout and yoga.


Saif Ali Khan seemed amused by the comments about him performing yoga with Taimur while Yami couldn’t help laughing when she saw a comment on her photo captioned “At peace 🌸” where she is practicing meditation, a fan commented hinting now her husband’s peace is disrupted. To which both the actresses replied, “How mean.”

The actors couldn’t handle anymore and were in splits, when a fan commented, “You’re looking so gorgon,” and another commented questioned “You mean gorgeous?”

The other amusing moments of the show was when Kapil to staunch his curiosity asked Yami about the time when she had said that she wished to take her full family along with her to her honeymoon, the actress responded, “We’re both similar in this respect, we don’t really believe in it. If we get time, we’ll go. But if we go, we had a condition, that we would go with family. To each to his own. It’s fun to have family around, it’s interesting,” To which Saif gave a worthy reaction of, “Really? Okay.”

Saif and Kapil bonded over their experience of becoming father to a son earlier this year, where Saif revealed that he used to sing Lullaby to little Sara but once when Saif was singing an English Lullaby to her, she had interrupted and said, ‘Abba, please don’t sing’ and Saif said that was when he put a full stop to singing.