When Sridevi’s fans paid tribute to her by designing their car in a unique way

Sridevi’s fans pay a tribute to her by designing their car’s exterior with the pictures, posters and illustrations of her.

Sridevi was born in the year 1963 on 13th August. The actress belonged to a small town in Chennai, the Hawa Hawai girl was regarded as the first female superstar of the Hindi cinema. With her dancing skills, supreme acting prowess and impeccable comic timing, Sridevi made a mark that will continue to inspire generations to come. The late actress also had a huge fan following. And when it comes to fans, they never miss a chance to show their love in a unique way for the late actor.

Three girls from Pune won the hearts of Sridevi’s family by showing love for the actress by designing their car’s exterior as a full-fledged ‘moving tribute’ to their idol Sridevi. Pune based Paridhi Bhati, Bhavna Varma and Tonu Sojatia were also specially invited by the Kapoor family for a cup of tea. The group of girls returned to Pune with sweet memories of a lifetime.


Working as a social media PR with the National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Sojatia, along with her two friends, even designed a special logo incorporating an image of Sridevi – ‘Flying BhaToPa’, which the Kapoors admired.

The ‘Flying BhaToPa’ participated in the Times Women’s Drive, an all-women safari in which female drivers from all over India drove to Goa on 29th April.

The three covered a return distance of 1,250 km on the Pune-Goa-Pune route over three days of the exclusive all-women safari.

In the safari, the ‘Flying BhaToPa’ car became the showstopper, standing apart from the crowd with its gleaming white background and a colourful tribute to Sridevi pasted on its exteriors, the bumper, roof, bonnet and doors.

Well, we can not deny that Sridevi had a huge fan following in the country. The late actress is still missed by her friends, fans and family.