When Karisma Kapoor’s marriage turned into the WORST nightmare

In 2003, after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan, Karishma Kapoor married businessman Sunjay Kapur.

There once was an era when Bollywood diva Karisma Kapoor stood at the top of her career in the Bollywood industry. She consistently showed her talents by starring in memorable and commercially successful films like Coolie No. 1, Dil To Pagal Hai, Raja Hindustani, Biwi No. 1, and Hero No. 1.

However, when she married Indian businessman Sunjay Kapur at the peak of her career, the actress chose to take a break from working. But the celebrity’s life did not turn out as expected. Shortly after getting married, she started having issues with Sunjay, and some of the details are quite concerning.


In 2003, Karishma Kapoor tied the knot with businessman Sunjay Kapur after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan. Karishma was the second wife of Sunjay. Karishma’s marriage, although being a love marriage, has been filled with issues ever since it started. Karishma faced severe domestic abuse at the hands of both Sunjay and his mother. Karishma claimed that her life underwent a significant transformation after getting married, as she had to deal with serious problems every day.

Karishma revealed that Sunjay tried to sell her during their honeymoon when asked about her most awful memory of the marriage, which ended in 2016.


Karishma claims that Sunjay compelled her to sleep with his buddies during their honeymoon and that he started abusing her as soon as they were married. Sunjay physically assaulted Karishma for refusing, even going so far as to tell one of his pals how much she would cost. However, things didn’t stop there.

Karishma Kapoor claims that her husband, Sunjay Kapur, continued to have sex with his previous wife despite being married to her. He shared a residence with her as well. When Karishma questioned him, he attacked her.


Karishma Kapoor also had quite a bit of stress while she was pregnant. When she was pregnant, her mother-in-law gave her a dress, that she could not even fit into. However, instead of purchasing new clothing, she was physically mistreated by her mother-in-law and Sunjay. Shockingly, Sunjay slapped her too.


Sources claim that in 2012, Karishma decided to leave Sunjay and her kids behind to put an end to her agony. She eventually filed for divorce from him following a catastrophic 13-year marriage.


Karishma Kapoor has two children with her ex-husband, Sunjay Kapur: Samiera Kapoor and Kiaan Raj Kapoor. Regarding their two kids, Kiaan and Samaira, the couple fought in a prolonged and bitter custody dispute in family court.

As their divorce proceedings became more heated by the day, Karishma was eventually granted custody. Several allegations were made, one of which was made by Karishma Kapoor, who claimed that her ex-husband was living with Priya Sachdev, his girlfriend and that this was the primary point of conflict between them.