When Anil Kapoor almost killed Rahul Bose during ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ shooting 

Anil Kapoor reveals that he almost killed Rahul Bose while shooting a scene for ‘Dil Dhadakne Do.’

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has recently revealed some off the record scenes of ‘Dil Dhadakne Do.’ The film was released in 2015 and was based on issues that families have, it was a typical family drama type film. 

In the movie we saw Rahul Bose and Priyanka Chopra as husband and wife. Meanwhile Rahul was portraying a short tempered and dominating husband role in the movie.. Priyanka was shown as a comfortable wife in this relationship. As per the scene, all family members had a meeting to discuss their children’s marriage crisis. 

Further in the video Anil Kapoor says he was very excited to shoot this scene. As he was going to defend his daughter Priyanka from her possessive husband. He said as the scene was progressing, there was a moment when he (Anil Kapoor) was going to strangle Rahul Bose by grabbing him from his neck. Anil Kapoor revealed that during this scene he went so into the character that he almost killed Rahul Bose by choking his neck. 

Furthermore, Rahul Bose replied on Anil’s twitter he wrote, “Mr K! The only thing you killed was the scene. You killed it, handsome handsome. Had you killed me instead, cinegoers would have rejoiced in the streets! All the best @AnilKapoor.”

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