WhatsApp conversations between Shah Rukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede show the actor’s sensitive side – Read

In the lengthy text, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen pleading, begging, and expressing his love and thanks all at once in an effort to free his son from prison. This brings attention to SRK the parent, who is typically overshadowed by SRK the superstar.

In an unexpected turn of events, a number of communications purportedly exchanged between former NCB officer Sameer Wankhede and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan after the latter’s son Aryan Khan was detained in a narcotics case have been posted online. The text message was sent while Aryan was still imprisoned in 2021 as a result of his involvement in the infamous drugs-on-cruise case.

Although the leaked talks have shocked the nation, it is impossible to ignore the man’s utter helplessness and weakness given that he is undoubtedly one of the most famous people in the whole globe.


In excruciatingly long text messages sent at all hours of the day (even as early as 5 am), SRK can be seen pleading, chiding, showing love, and expressing gratitude all at once in an effort to free his son from prison. This brings attention to SRK as a father, who is typically overshadowed by SRK, the icon.

The actor can be heard typing the words “I beg you please” at least ten, if not more, times in the supposed discussions between SRK and Wankhede.

The real story with SRK, the father, is in stark contrast to that, and by the chats, one can easily point out that his demeanour with Wankhede while pleading for his son’s release was like that of anything but a king. Although people call him “King Khan” and even in his films, he has said, “I am the king of the world,” the real story with SRK is in stark contrast to that.

SRK can be seen pleading for his family in the chats. “I am a kind and gentle person Sameer please don’t let my faith break in you and the system. Please it will shatter us as a family,” one of the texts read.


Additionally, he made an effort to treat Wankhede like a regular father to a young boy rather than as SRK for once. “Please don’t break our heart today my man. Please it’s a father-to-father request I love my children just like you do yours and exterior forces cannot be allowed to cloud a father-to-father feeling please,” he wrote.

SRK even made an effort to sound as modest and sincere as possible in his texts by signing off with “Love, SRK” practically every time to avoid being patronising or intimidating.

In the discussions, SRK is also heard attempting every trick and confessing that he made an extra effort to get in touch with a number of unnamed individuals and a “person in the North” to ask them to refrain from involving Aryan in “their politics.” He even typed an obscenity at one point, but he quickly toned it down and asked them to “go easy” on his son.

“Please man I beg you there is nothing from my side that is participant in the vested interests. I went out if my way and without even knowing them called and begged them not to involve my child in their politics. The people here and also the person in the North. I spoke as a father to them and even chided them that they are harming my kid in their selfish interests. Please man don’t make him pay for these a**holes and vested people. I beg you man please. It’s a larger thing my son and my family I swear play no part in it,” a part of the chat read.

Even asking Wankhede to allow him to call and speak to him personally, he said. Not only that, but he also requested a conversation with his daughter Suhana Khan from the then-NCB official if he wants to.