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Vidyut Jammwal’s Monday workout routine – Watch

A well-known Bollywood actor is Vidyut Jammwal. He is a well-known Indian actor, martial artist, and stuntman who has appeared in films including Force, Commando, and Junglee. Due to his amazing stunts, he is sometimes referred to as the “Indian Bruce Lee” and has become a fan favourite thanks to his action-oriented parts. A well-known celebrity for his outstanding super-fit body and fitness regimen is Vidyut Jammwal.

Vidyut is skilled in a variety of martial arts, including Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Kalaripayattu. He frequently creates full routines himself, combining different activities like rope training, kickboxing drills, weightlifting exercises, and more, which he performs for hours every day with discipline and regularity. Vidyut has developed an outstanding slim physique with this rigorous exercise routine, serving as inspiration for aspirant fitness fanatics around.


Today Vidyut Jammwal has posted a video on his Instagram where he is demonstrating how he trained his neck. In the video, he is seen lifting a weight of 30kg with his head, targeting the anterior scalene , middle scalene and posterior scalene muscles for assistance. Additionally, he lifted 82 kg body weight using his head. In this video he is wearing a black-coloured vest and white-coloured shorts.

Fans have shown immense love for this video, ass evident from the comments section where a lot of affection is being expressed , they are like ”We are use our head for lifting wheat, rice and other things it’s could be 20-40 Kg also” , ” Apki diet kya sir” etc.

Vidyut jammwal was recently seen in a movie named “IB71” This film was based on a true scenario, in which Dev Jammwal, an IB agent, was tasked in 1971 by higher-ups with the job of preventing attacks on India by Pakistan and China by obstructing airspace.