Vidya Balan hops onto the trend of Anupamaa's famous dialogue "Aapko Kya"; Have a look at her reel | Business Upturn

Vidya Balan hops onto the trend of Anupamaa’s famous dialogue “Aapko Kya”; Have a look at her reel

Vidya Balan captures the hearts of her admirers by entering the bathtub for the Anupamaa video.

The well-known “Aapko kya” moment from Anupamaa has been covered by Vidya Balan. In the television series Anupamaa, Rupali Ganguly portrays the title character, and her statement “Aapko kya” has become a craze on social media. Vidya said the Anupamaa sentence while seated in a bathtub.

Vidya is seen lip syncing to the line while sitting in an empty bathtub while wearing a bathrobe “Main ghumu-firu, naachu gaau, hasu khelu, bahar jau, akeli jau, kisi aur ke saath jau, jaha jau, jab jau, jaise bhi jau… Bolo bolo…”

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Fans were ecstatic by Vidya’s video and couldn’t stop praising her in the comments. “My favourite performs on my other favorite’s dialogue,” a fan stated. “@balanvidya fared better than genuine Anupama,” another person said. Another supporter remarked, “Vidya’s facial expressions are always so wonderful. Bollywood’s best actor, @balanvidya, is still alive.” In the comments, she was frequently referred to as “the best”. Additionally, a worried supporter enquired, “Pr kisne kuch bola” (Has anybody mentioned anything to you). Rupali Ganguly was also tagged in the video to get her attention.

Vidya is renowned for her funny demeanour and her willingness to express herself without holding back. She was asked to comment on the issue around Ranveer Singh’s naked picture session last month, Vidya had remarked, “Hum logo ko bhi aankhein sekhne dijiye na.”

Vidya last appeared in the murder mystery Jalsa as a journalist. She co-starred in the film with Shefali Shah, which was distributed on Amazon Prime. She is now working on two more projects, one of which is called Neeyat.