Urvashi Rautela is now residing in a 190 CR bungalow next to Yash Chopra's house - Take a look | Business Upturn

Urvashi Rautela is now residing in a 190 CR bungalow next to Yash Chopra’s house – Take a look

The talented Bollywood actress and former beauty queen Urvashi Rautela recently made headlines for her opulent new home. She has since relocated to a magnificent property near to the Mumbai home of the late, legendary director Yash Chopra.

This enormous mansion is located in the centre of Mumbai and has four levels, giving the actress plenty of room to relax and host visitors. The bungalow’s sophisticated facade oozes refinement and class, and its interior is the ideal fusion of contemporary design and classic charm.

With its four-floor opulent bungalow, it also includes a lush garden, a private gym, impeccable decor, a sizable patio connected to Yash Chopra’s backyard, and other amenities. The bungalow owned by Urvashi is a refuge of luxury, solitude, and comfort. The house of the actress costs a whopping amount of 190 CR.

Recently, Urvashi has shared a few photographs from her home, and we are captivated by its opulent decor and priceless artwork.

Many people consider Urvashi’s opulent home to be the realisation of a dream thanks to her unshakable commitment and labour of love. Her beautiful home is a testament to her tremendous journey and bright future as she continues to make her mark in the Bollywood industry.