‘Twinning & Winning’ an unseen glimpse of Saif Ali Khan and son Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a cute picture of Saif Ali Khan and Taimur in a red-head bandana.

Kareena Kapoor Khan never fails to make the headlines whenever she shares a post on social media. Kareena Kapoor is thoroughly active on Instagram, she was often seen sharing stunning pics from her memoirs which are all about admiring joyous moments with loved ones. From posting childhood pictures of Taimur Ali Khan and Jeh to sharing a glimpse of her idealistic romance with Saif Ali Khan, each of Kareena’s posts on Instagram is a treat for the fans, which they can’t get enough of.

Keeping up with this tradition, Kareena once again posted a picture on social media which created a buzz, it is an unseen picture of Saif spending time with little Taimur. In the picture, the father and son duo were oozing charm in casuals. The Nawab aid Ali Khan looked stylish in a grey t-shirt paired with black jeans, Taimur wore a black t-shirt with black jeans. Interestingly, the duo was seen twinning in a red coloured head bandana and they were surely winning hearts with their fashion preferences, Kareena captioned the image as, “Twinning and Winning”.


The Pataudi Begum often says that Saif Sli Khan spoils Taimur a lot. “I am not very strict…I think I am quite relaxed and chill. I have to inculcate discipline a little more as Saif spoils Taimur so much that it annoys me sometimes. And during the lockdown, our schedules went haywire. So, Saif would want to watch a movie with Taimur at 10 pm and I would have to step in and say no because it is his bedtime. Now with two children, it has certainly become a bit more difficult, but I have to be particular about things like meals and bedtime. With Saif being so relaxed, I have to be a little tougher as I feel children need to grow up with some sense of discipline”. said Kareena.