Top 6 most interesting facts about Nick Jonas


Today is the 28th birthday of the American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas. He has been the heartthrob of millions of girls across the globe since his teenage days, when he came into fame singing in the ‘Jonas Brothers’ band, along with his elder brothers Joe and Kevin.

On his birthday, let us dig deeper into Nick Jonas’s life to know some interesting facts about him:-

1) Nick Jonas is a Diabetes ambassador:-

Nick partnered with Bayer Diabetes Care to become an ambassador for diabetes in 2008. He promotes research and funding for diabetes, and encourages young people to take better care of themselves and manage the disease. Nick himself is diabetic.

2) Nick married Priyanka really quick:-

Nick met actress Priyanka Chopra in May 2018 and they got married in December 2018. They dated for only a few months!

3) He was in Chuck E. Cheese commercial:-

Nick started his acting career really early and did some commercials at the beginning. One of them was the famous Chuck E. Cheese advertisement.

4) His tattoo matches with Joe’s:-

Nick has total 3 tattoos in his body, including the famous ‘Mercy’ tattoo. All the three brothers have tattoos but the arrow tattoo that he has in his arm matches with his brother Joe’s. Before the MTV Video Music Awards, he and Joe got these two arrow tattoos on their arms that matches one another.

5) Nick has a younger brother too:-

Most of us are not aware that Nick is NOT the youngest member of the Jonas siblings. He has a younger brother named Frankie Jonas. As the world knows ‘Jonas Brothers’ as trio, Frankie is also called Bonus Jonas! He has acted in the television series ‘Jonas’.

6) Nick is not his full name! :-

Yes, it’s true. Not Nick, not even Nicholas. His original name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas.

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