Tiger Shroff and Rashmika Mandanna introduce the Crunchyroll app in India

The streaming app aims at showcasing the best of anime for Indian fans

It could come as a little surprise to people who are not well-versed that actresses Rashmika Mandanna and Tiger Shroff are huge fans of anime culture. It speaks well of their affinity for the genre that they are the fresh new faces to headline a streaming service that promises to introduce Indian fans to the anime culture in the nation.

The two celebrities recently appeared together at a gathering in Mumbai, where they addressed the assembled press and fans and revealed the app. At the event, The Free Press Journal was also present.


A former film critic and journalist who admitted to recently becoming a convert to the genre briefly introduced the event. He prompted both actors to discuss their initial experience with the genre, their favourite shows and characters, and how it affected them in both their personal and professional lives through probing questioning.

When asked about their first exposure to the genre, Rashmika says, “It would be Naruto for me, followed by Boruto. They have been a part of my life and have become a part of my lifestyle now. Everytime I spoke about anime to my friends, I felt out of place because they aren’t familiar with the subject. But, watching everyone be here for the event, gives me hope that I can finally discuss my love for the genre with those who share my interest.”

Tiger also chipped in with his thoughts. He shares, “For me, it will be Dragon Ball Z. When I was younger it used to be Pokemon. I also like Naruto: Shippuden. I would say Boruto, but he really messed up Naruto for me. It’s just my honest opinion. But, yes, I seek a lot of inspiration from these anime series for the action I perform in my films.”

The audience, who appeared to be quite clued up on their tastes and choices, cheered and applauded loudly in response to Rashmika and Tiger’s observations about anime. The occasion was wrapped up with a special showing of the show Jujutsu Kaisen that the streaming app had arranged for the viewers who were in attendance.