The Kerala Story actress Adah Sharma sings the Shiv Tandav stotram and says, “The energy that allows me to face bans”

Some lawmakers in the nation have accused the movie The Kerala Story of fomenting hatred against a certain minority, which has caused a political storm.

Adah Sharma, a Bollywood actress who portrays the title character in the divisive movie ‘The Kerala Story,’ was recently spotted performing a pooja for Lord Shiva in a temple.
In response to calls for ‘The Kerala Story’ to be banned, the actress said that her adoration of the Lord provides her with the strength to deal with the calls.

The movie ‘The Kerala Story’ has caused a political scandal in the nation, with many politicians accusing it of fomenting hatred against a specific group of people.


Adah posted a video of herself reciting the Shiv Tandav stotram and worshipping Lord Shiva in a temple on her Instagram account on Thursday morning.

When she carried out the several rites of the puja, the actress was observed herself reciting the stotram.

“The secret of my energy,” “The energy that allows me to accept bouquets and face bans. Thank you all of you for making me yours,” Adah wrote along with the video.

According to ‘The Kerala Story,’ three ladies from the southern state were deceived into joining ISIS in Iraq and Syria by the use of “love jihad.”

A comprehensive ban on the movie has been demanded by a number of political figures. The film has already been outlawed in West Bengal due to concerns about law and order. Threatre owners in Tamil Nadu have declined to show the movie because of the uprisings there.

To encourage more people to see the movie in theatres, the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh proclaimed the movie tax-free.

With a box office haul of more than Rs 50 crore in just five days, “The Kerala Story” has risen to become one of the highest-grossing films of 2023 so far.