Tanushree Dutta reveals she was being chased in attempt to get murdered- “Something was mixed in my water”

Tanushree Dutta recently pointed towards certain horrible attempts, spine chilling instances into the paparazzi to murder her. 


Tanushree Dutta, a well known Indian Actress, one of the youngest recipients of the Femina Miss India Universe title in 2004 at the age of 20 recently pointed towards certain horrible attempts, spine chilling instances into the paparazzi to murder her. Tanushree Dutta
During her journey of more than a decade in the Bollywood industry, Tanushree has gone through several unpleasant experiences, traumatic threats as claimed by her.

Recently, during an interview, the actress made some shocking revelations. She claimed these were done only because she opened up about being sexually harassed on the film sets, and that was subjected to strong allegations against famous people in the industry.

While talking to Connect FM Canada, Tanushree said that while she was in Ujjan, the brakes of her car were tampered with several times. She stated, “I met with an accident and it was a very bad accident. I was just short of breaking some bones. It set me back for a couple of months, and it took me time to heal from those injuries as there was a lot of blood loss.”

Another incident reads, “There was a maid, who was, in my words, planted in my house and I just progressively fell sick. Now, it is my suspicion that there was something being mixed in my water.”

Earlier in July, Tanushree had alleged against veteran actor ‘Nana Patekar and his Bollywood mafia friends’ and claimed that they will be responsible if anything happens to her. Asking people to boycott the ‘Bollywood mafias’ and their films, Tanushree penned a note on Instagram, “If anything ever happens to me let it be known that #metoo accused Nana Patekar, his lawyers & associates & his Bollywood Mafia friends are responsible! Who are Bollywood Mafia?? Same people all whose names came up frequently in SSR death case.”

Tanushree Dutta, had been conferred upon the title of “catalyst of the Me Too movement in the country in 2020”. She was away from the spotlight for almost eight years before she came back from abroad and talked about her harassment incident invading actor Nana Patekar on the sets of “Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss”. She was last seen on the big screen in the 2010 film “Apartment”.