Sooryavashi won’t release on April 2nd, makers to reschedule the date

Reportedly, Sooryavanshi was slated to be release on April 2, but now the makers have postponed the release date due to increase in COVID 19 cases.


Until last month, there were news of high budget Sooryavanshi to hit cinemas on April 2nd. Although that is no more the case, makers of the movie have decided to postpone its release due to the increase of COVID 19 cases. 

The rumours of a partial lockdown, night curfew make the release of the movie difficult.
Since lockdown in Mumbai is anticipated, makers don’t want to take a chance, the film is a high budget project and should have the right number of audiences.

A source says, “The makers of Sooryavanshi, including Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty, have jointly decided that the film should not release on April 2. The cases are increasing not just in Maharashtra now but also in other places of India. Sooryavanshi is a big-budget film and it won’t be feasible to release at a time when night curfew will be imposed in certain parts of the country.”

The source added, “Also, with the Central government allowing 100% occupancy in cinemas from February 1, everyone had hoped that by April 2, governments of all major states would also give the nod for full occupancy in theatres. But now it’s clear that it won’t happen in the near future. So it doesn’t make sense to bring the film in such a tense period.”