Sona Mohapatra spews venom on singing reality show Indian Idol after Rekha’s appearance for this reason

Sona Mohapatra calls out Indian Idol for having Anu Malik as a judge.

Actress Rekha was recently invited as a guest judge on the popular music reality show Indian Idol. While this certainly boosted the show’s viewers, singer Sona Mohapatra is not impressed. She tweeted about Rekha’s visit and how it is pathetic that the show houses singer Anu Malik as a judge.

She was referring to the #MeToo movement in India that brought forward many sexual harassment allegations against Anu Malik. Several women had claimed he sexually harassed them and also alleged misconduct on his part. Sona was also one among them who called him out on his predatory behaviour.


The National Commission for Women closed this case in the year 2020 due to a lack of evidence. Sona had made her displeasure regarding this decision clear and said, “What more documents can you provide in cases of sexual harassment and assault? Can we record or shoot it while it happens? Is that even possible?”

Her recent tweet calls out the reality show for having a ‘sexual predator’ as a judge. It reads, “Happy to see #Rekha, a fine artist & sparkling woman giving a boost to a sad music reality show on social media. Why sad? What would U call a show that kept a known serial sexual predator & pervert on its payroll year after year? Anu Malik. Doesn’t even deserve a hashtag, #India”