Some of the unknown facts about Rishi Kapoor

The evergreen romantic hero with plain and simple dialogue delivery, Rishi Kapoor. Here are some interesting facts about the veteran actor.

We are going to delve into the life of Bollywood and the audience’s favorite Chintu. The evergreen romantic hero with plain and simple dialogue delivery, Rishi Kapoor. He left this material body recently, but, has kept various films as memories and given us the chance to cherish them. Bollywood is encountering a void that won’t ever be replenished. In the 1970-the 80s, He worked as a romantic hero, and during these years he also performed magnificently and depicted some of the most influential characters. Here are some interesting facts about the veteran actor.

Celebrity Kid
He was the son of Raj Kapoor, who was known as Showman of Bollywood. He got the opportunity to begin very early in the films. His silver screen debut was Shree 420. He was a toddler then and appeared in Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua. If you remember, He got the chance to work in an Iconic film by Raj Kapoor named Mera Naam Joker. He felt motivated and enchanting as he got National Film Award As a Child Artist. This grandeur starting suits his extravagant career.


Evergreen Chocolate Boy
People nowadays feel crazy when they watch Ranbir. The audience appreciates Ranbir’s performance but also discusses his good looks and charming attitude. But, His Father, Rishi Kapoor who acquired the crown of the actual chocolate boy and then the charming man of Bollywood. He was famous amongst women for his charisma. The adult form of Rishi did Bobby, directed by Raj Kapoor and then he became the biggest romantic superstar. After that incident, He did more than 100 romantic films.

International Nickname
Rishi was cute and was being called Chintu by his companions. But, he also had an international name. “Mace” was a Nigerian nickname. The most fascinating aspect of the name is its meaning. Mace means woman. It is because He frequently outfitted as a woman in numerous of his films.

Rishi And Neetu
Every relationship evolves with the passing of time. Rishi and Neetu enjoyed each other’s company in the reel life for a long time and then decided to tie the knot for the rest of their lives. Their on-screen chemistry was mind-blowing and engaging. Few films where they worked as co-stars were Amar Akbar Anthony, Kabhi Kabhi, Khel Khel Main, Dusra Aadmi, etc. In 1980 when Rishi was 29, the couple tied a knot aka bond.

Romantic Mistake
It was a wonderful moment on the sets of Amar Akbar Anthony. Rishi inaccurately called Neetu Singh by her substantial name. Nevertheless, the error was intentionally kept in the main movie. We can still watch that movie and witness the moment.

Attempts must be made
Rishi used to experiment a lot.
He also attempted his fortune in the direction in 1999 by directing “Aa Ab Laut Chalen.” Akshay Khanna and Aishwarya Rai were the lead actors in this movie. Nevertheless, the film could not accomplish marketable prosperity but his attempt was appreciated.

..and Shahrukh got the iconic role
The role of the compulsive opponent in the Darr of Yash Chopra was originally proposed to Rishi Kapoor. But, the performer did not want to do a villain at that time. He was then given Sunny Deol’s character, but he denied that too. Rishi then implied his co-star Shah Rukh Khan for the role and later that film and role became iconic.