Soha Ali Khan reveals about her mother being ‘slight nag’ and Kareena being ‘Bindaas’

Actor Soha Ali Khan, sister of Saif Ali Khan, explains the equation between her sister-in-law, Kareena Kapoor Khan and mother Sharmila Tagore. She shares hoe Kareena Kapoor Khan is not the way she imagined her to be.

She complimented her and said, “She’s really funny. It’s great to see them together because what I’d imagined of her, is not how she is at all. She’s very bindaas, she really doesn’t care about appearances. She’s just inherently… The way she tells stories, it’s lots of fun to be with her.”


Soha mentioned her mother to be a little annoying at times. She said, “She’s very scary, it’s not sweet at all. Everyone says Bangla is a mishti language, it’s not at all. She would only lose her temper in Bangla and do hisaab-kitaab in Bangla. As a result, none of us speak any Bengali. My brother and her have this wonderful relationship, where every time they fight with each other they call me. And I have to intercede.”

According to Soha, working with her mother is not an easy job to do. She expressed, “I have worked with my mother in a film called Life Goes On, which was terrifying. To do one advertisement with her, I feel very scared. Her standards are very high. Everything from costumes to design to matching shoes, she does it all in two weeks in advance. And when it comes to me, my clothes inevitably have some dal stain or something and I am least bothered.”

The family was snapped at a New Year party held at Saif and Kareena’s place. The pictures were released on social media.