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Singer Shaan states everyone is trying to be the next Arijit Singh; read inside

Singer Shaan feels everyone is trying to be the next Arijit Singh.

In a recent interview singer Shaan can be seen sharing his view on the music industry. Moreover, he has opened up about the evolution of the Hindi music industry over last few decades.

However, Shaan states, “there are hardly any artistes have a quick recall value”. He further added, “It is not the fault of singers, there is a tremendous pressure to sound like a singer especially for boys. Everyone is trying to be the next Arijit Singh and fail to get their own identity.”

Meanwhile, the singer walked down memory lane as he adds, “At that time, everyone had to sound like (singers) Kishore Kumar or Mohammed Rafi. That pressure was present even when Sonu (Nigam) entered that music scene. But when Kunal (Ganjawala), KK and I entered the industry, that pressure was not there to sound like someone.”

He also regrets as the trend remain same, “Abhi ghoom firr ke wapas aa gaya hai. Everyone is looking for Arijit Singh’s voice. As a result, everyone has started sounding the same way, which is why their own identity is lost.”

The 49-year-old singer also thinks, “When people make songs now they look at what songs are working. They immediately think that if this kind of song is working then let’s also make it. Iss chakkar mein bewafayi pe itne gaane hai. What is new in that? Such songs don’t have longevity.”

In the conclusion he says, “This genre was popular in the indie pop scene in the ‘90s. I just felt that there is not much that has happened in that zone and in that space. I always want to do something new as opposed to do another love song, which I have done before. I try to find some other genre, for people also and for me as well.”