Sherni’s Director Amit Masurkar reveals Vidya Balan was the first choice for Sherni


Sherni is set to release on Friday on amazon prime, director Amit Masurkar opened up about the production of the film and the process behind casting this amazing cast.

Amit Masurkar says Vidya Balan was the first choice for Sherni, she was the first person to read the story and she came on board immediately. While talking a leading daily he shared the vision behind the film, the struggles he faced while filming it, and more.

Amit Masurkar said, “Vidya was the first actor we shared the story with and she came on board immediately. The forest department has a lot of women in various positions- as forest guards, as officers, as office staff. Vidya is willing to put in the effort required to blend seamlessly in any setting.”

Later he speaks about other casts of the film and how he wanted to work with them for years, “Sharat Saxena was the second actor we cast. I’ve watched him on screen since childhood and wanted to cast him for years. Neeraj Kabi is another actor and teacher I respect and was on the wish list. Brijendra Kala’s role was written with him in mind without even checking if he would do the film. Vijay Raaz was the surprise casting- he is playing a college professor and conservationist and I’d never seen him play a part like this one. Ila Arun was another actor I wanted to work with and was suggested by the producers. There’s also a large pool of locals, forest officials, and guards in the film.” Amit quotes.

Vidya Balan is the main lead, Vijay Raaz, Sharat Saxena, Neeraj Kabi, Ila Arun, and Brijendra Kala will also be seen in the movie.