Shah Rukh Khan presents his wife Gauri Khan’s ‘Key to Success’ at her book launch event

In the spotlight of this historic event, Shah Rukh Khan could not help but praise his wife in life and inspiration, Gauri Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, a star couple in Bollywood, continue to shine a light on the industry with their undying love and endearing chemistry. Today’s book launch for Gauri was marked by their presence, and it was filled with appreciation and joy.

King Khan, also known as SRK, was irresistible in his captivating presence as he revelled in giving personal details about his family, especially his wife, and the audience was enthralled by his sincere confessions.


In the limelight of this historic event, Shah Rukh Khan could not help but praise his companion in life and inspiration, Gauri Khan.

“Gauri and I have traversed the sands of time together,” the esteemed Pathaan actor mused, a twinkle of adoration in his eyes.

“When you spend countless years in each other’s company, the appreciation for one another’s accomplishments may wane.”

With an earnest tone, he continued, “Yet, amidst this sea of creativity, a certain brilliance emerges within our family. Gauri possesses an innate talent for nurturing her artistic spirit. For the past 24 years, we have busied ourselves settling in the bustling embrace of Mumbai, oblivious to the hidden facets of her talent.”

The actor stated, “Through sheer determination and unwavering commitment, she has crafted her own path, making remarkable strides. Surprisingly, Gauri now reigns as the busiest person in our household, surpassing my children, myself, and even my dear sister. When we inquire why she is intensely trapped in work, her answer resonates profoundly: it fulfils her dreams.” when asked why she is so passionately imprisoned in her profession. The key to success is this.

Shah Rukh Khan’s remarks were infused with appreciation as he said, “Gauri has instilled  within us the essence of a fulfilling day’s work. I am overflowing with joy and contentment to be present on this momentous occasion, witnessing her book launch.”