See Prince Harry juggling in Meghan Markle’s birthday video

In her recent interview, Melissa McCarthy revealed details about her involvement in Meghan Markle’s birthday video

Since Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex a lot has changed in the life of Prince Harry. The couple was surrounded by a lot of controversies. Prince was even made to give up his royal title, honorary military titles and royal patronage appointments. But still, the love has grown mature Prince Harry never gave up supporting her wife and guarding her against trolls and controversies. Recently the couple arrived on Oprah Winfrey’s show where Meghan and Harry revealed some of the challenges which they had to face. The most controversial among them was when Meghan told that Queen Elizabeth taunted her of their child’s colour.

The video;

But now the couple has made headlines for a fun to do segment. Nine Perfect Strangers’ actress Melissa McCarthy recently was seen in Meghan Markle’s birthday video. When asked about her experience she said, “They were so sweet and funny. I just find them very inspiring. They’re carving out their own lives. They’re carving out their lives for their kids.”

The comedian along with Meghan came out with a 40*40 campaign to spread awareness among women and encourage them to be a part of the working life. Her birthday video also featured Prince Harry where he was seen juggling in a scene. Melissa McCarthy revealed how Harry was hesitant in the beginning but later did it perfectly. She said, “I was like, ‘weird in a way that will make me watch it five million times.” The 40*40 campaign is aimed at hiring influential celebs to spread awareness and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Stella McCartney and many others have already joined the campaign.

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