Scam 2003: Sana Amin Sheikh shares her experience on OTT debut, preparations and more - READ | Business Upturn

Scam 2003: Sana Amin Sheikh shares her experience on OTT debut, preparations and more – READ

Sana Amin Sheikh, a renowned Indian actor, has opened up about her character Nafeesa, the shift of decades within her character in the serial Scam 2003, her huge OTT debut, and more.

Sana Amin Sheikh, who needs no introduction, is one of the best television performers working today. Her nuanced and spectacular performances in productions such as Million Dollar Girl, Gustakh Dil, and others have stunned her admirers and audiences.

Sana is also a well-known RJ who has interviewed many famous A-listers. She made her major OTT debut as an actor with Scam 2003, which is available digitally on Sony LIV. In a recent exclusive interview, Sana Amin Sheikh discussed her experience working in OTT, her OTT debut, character preparation, and more.


Opening up about her transitional journey as an actor, Sana said, “It has been very smooth. It has always been the other way round. I started off as a child actor. Then, I became an RJ when I was in college. Then I became a full-fledged actor. RJ-ing continued. But the transition and parallel thing has been very smooth. Now, in OTT, this is my debut with maverick filmmaker Hansal Mehta. I am honoured and privileged to have auditioned for this part. Getting to play it was on another level.”

Opening up on her preparation to get under the skin of her character in the series, which is multi-layered, Sana said, “It was both challenging and exciting. For the prep, when I got told about the character, I was told what Nafeesa is, what part she plays in Abdul Telgi’s life, and the storyline. It was amazing to listen. We did many reading sessions. When I went on set, it was more free-flowing. I remembered all my lines. When on set, the setting, lights, and ambience were unique. We have had a transition of decades in the series as my character also ages, so my costumes, co-actors reaction, all these things in a nutshell, summed up in my prep.”

“With Hansal sir, I have shot a few intense scenes,” she remarked of her experience with Hansal Mehta directing the few intense parts in the series. She furthere went on to say, “He filmed those scenes. The experience was fantastic. It was a joy ride, whether it was an emotional, light-hearted, or intense scenario. When you work with a genius like Hansal Mehta, everything is wonderful.”

Opening up about the compelling part of her character, Sana said, “She is not a run-of-the-mill character like somebody who is the lead of the show, and you are just his wife who is there in the series. It is not like that. She brings in lots of layers to her character and a different side to the story of Abdul Karim Telgi, who does scam in the show. But whenever there is a vulnerable side to Telgi, a softer and family side to Abdul Telgi, you will see scenes about the family, i.e. Nafeesa and their daughter. In those moments, you see the humane side of this man who is a mastermind in such a big scam. Yet you will relate to him in these ways.”

Scam 2003 is now streaming exclusively only on Sony LIV.