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Saqib Saleem shares his interest in working with his sister Huma Qureshi

Saqib Saleen expressed his interest in collaborating with sister, Huma Qureshi if the script fits them well.


Actor Saqib Saleem made his debut in 2011 with Mujhse Fraaanship Karogi. He was recently seen in the blockbuster hit 83. In the work upfront, he will be seen in Ruchir Arun’s film Teen Tigada in the anthology Unpaused Naya Safar. It will be streamed on Amazon Prime video from January 21.

Sharing about the role in an interview, he said, “I play a guy called Chandan from the UP-Bihar belt. He is a small con artist, a thief. He does these small jobs to make his end meet. This is his last job, as his wife is eight and half months pregnant, so he will make money and start a new life. He gets stuck in the second lockdown and cannot go back to his wife. His wife is about to deliver the child. He is stuck in a dilemma with two other guys. It’s not like they are best friends or get along very well. In my head, I have to be with my wife, but I can’t. I’m not enjoying it as there is no food to eat, and how in these 14 days, the journey that we live changes our entire life and become the people that we become is the crux of the story.”

When asked about his thoughts on collaborating with Huma in future, he expressed, “I would love both of us to be seen on the silver screen. We have evolved as actors over the years. Every artiste goes through a stage when they do very good work. Today, Huma is doing excellent work, so I, as an actor, have to collaborate with her. I don’t wish that we work together unnecessarily. But I want a film with the right script, then 100 per cent we will be working together again.”