Sanjana Sanghi on Kangana Ranaut’s questions regarding her delayed response to MeToo allegations against Sushant Singh Rajput


Recently, Kangana Ranaut’s team on twitter questioned Sanjana Sanghi about her delayed response to the harassment rumours against Sushant Singh Rajput that surfaced in 2018.

Kangana Ranaut’s team had tweeted: “Many blinds claimed tht Sushant raped Sanjana,such news abt her harassment wr common in those days,Why Sanjana took her own sweet time to clarify?Why she nvr spoke so passionately abt her friendship with him when he ws alive? @mumbaipolice cn investigate.”

Responding to which, actor Sanjana Sanghi spoke to Zoom TV and said, “I have said more than enough about what happened. Also, I’ve given a clarification which should have been enough. At that time, it wasn’t late, nobody is in authority to decide what’s late and what’s not. You don’t fuel rumours. It is not the responsibility or job to clarify rumours.”

Sanjana added that the episode should not be regarded as a ‘Me Too’ case because both Sushant and she had denied all the rumours of any harassment on the sets of Dil Bechara. “So, we shouldn’t disregard the #MeToo movement by calling it “Me Too” because Me Too is when there’s an actual issue. But when two people are trying to say there’s no issue, that’s not called the Me Too movement that’s rumour mockery and that shows the power of unethical reporting,” she said.

In October 2018, Sushant had denied all the rumours of harassment and had shared screenshots of his conversations with Sanjana through an Instagram post and he had written, “I feel sad to reveal personal information but it seems that there is no other way to state what actually happened, in the midst of this curated, well-timed and agenda-driven smear campaign. From the first day of the shoot till the last day, this is what happened on the sets with Sanjana. Misconduct? Not at all. Agenda? You decide.”

A few days later, Sanjana shared a tweet clarifying the same. “I’d like to clarify that no such incident took place with me. Let’s put an end to these conjectures,” she had said.

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