Sameera Reddy’s husband Akshay Valde and her kids tested positive for COVID19

Sameera Reddy’s husband Akshay Valde and her kids has tested positive for COVID19

A doting wife and a caring mother, Sameera is a true inspiration to all the new mommies out there. The actress never skips a moment to share snippets of her kids from their playtime or beautiful family moments with her fans through her instagram handle.

Recently, Sameera Reddy informed fans that she and her husband, Akshay Valde, tested positive for COVID-19. Now the star has taken the handle of her social media and informed her followers that her children Hans Valde and Naila Valde are also positive on the test.
The actress shared black-and-white photos of her children and provided up-to-date information on their health.

Last week, Hans had a high fever, headache, body aches, agitation, and severe fatigue. It lasted four days. It was so unusual that we tested him and he was COVID positive. I must admit that I first felt a complete panic. Because no matter how ready you are, you don’t want this completely.

Soon Naira began to show symptoms. She had a fever and was upset. I gave her a cold compress and paracetamol on SoS. The most important thing is to recognize that the second wave is affecting many children, but doctors believe it most often has mild symptoms. Doctors also recommend vitamin C, multivitamins. Probiotics and Zinc (check with your doctor) I’ve done everything to make them comfortable, and both are fine and back in mastic mode (emojis). Your kid gets It’s important to remember, if any, that in a few days it becomes asymptomatic and needs to be isolated from unaffected people for 14 days to prevent infection. ”

She further writes: “Fortunately, my mother-in-law was not exposed and lives separately. She was negative on the test. I and Akshay were positive shortly after the children. We were on medication. Start eating steam inhalation, salt water gargling, breathing exercises, pranayama, and a healthy diet and work hard according to your doctor’s recommendations. It’s time to be wise and focus on what helps. Not afraid. Be careful to protect yourself and others. You need to be aware of this. That’s the only way. Aggression is my greatest strength right now, so I Keeps making happy content (emoji). Stay strong. Stay safe (emojis)

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