Salman Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Somy Ali REVEALS BIG Secrets, ‘I Wanted to Marry Salman But…’

After so many years, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali has came forward to reveal some top secrets about her relationship.

During the 90s, actor Salman Khan had an affair with Somy Ali. Now after a huge gap of many years, Somy has spoken about her relationship with Salman.

In a recent interview to Times of India, Somy Ali revealed about how she met Salman Khan. She said, “After reaching to Mumbai, I did a portfolio shoot and when I reached a production house, Salman Khan was there. The film in which I was casted (Buland) didn’t get released but I got many other films because of it.”


Somy Ali revealed that she came to Mumbai in 1991 only to marry Salman Khan. After she met him, both started dating each other. However in 1999, they broke up their relationship. Somy was just 16 when she reached India.

After breaking up with Salman Khan in 1999, Somy Ali decided to return to her hometown in Miami. Somy Ali tells that she also met some good people in Mumbai with whom she worked too like Saif Ali Khan and Chunky Pandey.

“The directors were afraid of me as I didn’t go for rehearsals. My lifestyle was different. I did not come here to make a career in films, I just had to marry Salman Khan.”

Somy Ali further tells, “I haven’t talked to Salman from many years. Many people comes in your life to teach you what to do and what not to do. After a specific time, we should move on.”