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Salman Khan cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with me, admits former actress Somy Ali

Salman Khan’s relationships have always been the point of discussion in the Bollywood industry. The actor’s dating trajectory has been quite open and has sparked a lot of controversies. Somy Ali is a stunning actress of the 90s and has done movies with stars such as Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Even her name was attached to Salman. However, the actress has always been vocal about her relationships and expressed freely.

In a recent interview, Somy revealed that Salman Khan had cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani, just a few weeks prior to their wedding. She stated that the other woman in Salman’s life was her. The actress further said that Karma has a way of getting back and Khan has even cheated on her while they were in a relationship.

Somy revealed that Salman and Sangeeta’s wedding cards were also printed. However, just a few weeks before the wedding, she caught us red-handed in my apartment. And what Salman did to Sangeeta also happened to me in the later picture. This is called Karma and when I grew up a little, I got to know about it.

For the unknown, Salman Khan had been engaged to Sangeeta in the 90s and the couple were also getting married.

On her social media, Somy has been quite active and always talks about how she entered Bollywood. Since the beginning, she has been a huge fan of Salman and adored him. The actress even disclosed the fact that Salman wasn’t planning on making their relationship official. Although it may seem like their love was only for a brief period of time, she was with the actor for almost 8 years. Further, she shared certain instances and how badly the actor has treated her in the past and insulted her in front of everyone.