Salim Merchant supports Sonu Nigam, says; there is favouritism for certain artistes the label works with

Recently, Sonu Nigam uploaded a vlog which went viral in no time. In the video, Singer Sonu Nigam seen talking about favoritism in the music fraternity and also pointed out the “music mafias”. What caught the attention of every viewer was a statement wherein Sonu threatened the chairman of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar and blackmailed him by taking the name of Marina Kuwar.

Salim Merchant totally agrees with what Nigam has spoken in his video. He said, “It is not just the singers the composers are also going through a tough time. The record label he is talking about has certain music directors and singers they work with. There are certain artistes they have signed. There is definitely that favoritism for certain artistes and composers, which these labels work with.”
He also stated that there are lots of composers like him, who don’t want to do just one song in the film. However, there are others who are comfortable with the record labels terms and conditions and are okay to compose just one song in the film. He supported Sonu Nigam and said that he has not said anything wrong. Whatever he has said is the truth. There are singers who get called and they get dumped later on. There are so many directors who want to work with composers but when it reaches the record labels, they have their own conditions and they feel they cannot work with them.


Later, he shed light on an incident and said, “We haven’t been asked to change any singer. However, we have got feedbacks from directors and producers to try another singer. And indulged in trying but it has been very peaceful and was done very respectfully. These decisions have been taken mutually. For instance, for Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya (Band Baaja Baarat; 2010), we had recorded with Master Salim, who has a folk touch in his voice and Aditya Chopra wanted a lighter voice for Ranveer Singh. We tried another singer and that was me. But this decision was mutual. Yet, we kept Master Salim’s credit in the end credits.”

Salim concluded by saying that the things Sonu Nigam spoke about can really break anyone. Sulaiman and he had worked on a project with a new director. The music turned out so good that it helped them get a really big actor on board. Then they took it to a big production house/record company, and they said, ‘they love the film, but please change the composers.’ He mentioned that they have some personal vendetta against Salim- Sulaiman. However, he doesn’t know why. It is about time that people find about it.