Sakshi Pradhan has THIS to say about her Cannes Film Festival 2023 debut – READ

Actress discusses making her significant Hollywood debut in MR-9 and going to the Cannes Film Festival.

In the Hollywood movie MR-9, Sakshi Pradhan makes her acting debut as the female lead. Asif Akbar is the director of the spy thriller, which is based on the book Masud Rana: Dhongsho Pahar. Sakshi portrays the Tripura Liberation Front’s (TLF) covert operative. The actress is now in Cannes (France) for the 19 May premiere of the trailer for her first Hollywood film.

In an exclusive chat with Free Press Journal, she was asked if she finds a change in the support of Bollywood filmmakers after bagging a Hollywood film, the actor says, “Now, I have done an international film so people are supporting me. I am happy that now they see the potential in me. It’s simple, if people see talent in you, they will support you. Also, yeh baat bhi sahi hai sabhi udte ghode ko salam karte hai… I’m the flying horse right now. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor (Ahuja) ma’am went to support their make-up brand, but I am going for the launch of the trailer of my debut Hollywood film MR–9.”


The actress will appear in the movie as an action character. She admits candidly of her part, “I am doing a full on action film. I’m a body combat trainer. I am flexible, so I could do action in a split of seconds. I’m a very good dancer and I know horse riding. I resonated with this character Devi.”

Sakshi is starring in her debut Hollywood production. when asked how it feels. She states, “I am privileged, the gratitude I feel is great. I thank God that I got this film and with this any more great opportunities may knock at my door.”

She gushes when questioned about co-stars Michael Jai White and Frank Grillo, saying, “Superstars like Michael and Frank even though they have that starry thing in them, they made me so comfortable. I made sure that I knew my lines and tried to perform to the best of my acting abilities. I was a girl of a different colour from a different country. They loved me a lot.”

Sakshi thinks OTT gave her access to new Hollywood opportunities. “I am more of an OTT actor. I have done 14 shows on OTT. I thus consider myself an OTT star. Definitely, OTT must have opened these doors to Hollywood for me. The casting director Monica stood for me and I fit the character to the T,” she said.