Saira Banu recalls how Shammi Kapoor once asked her to wear burqa while shooting Junglee

Saira Banu made her debut with Shammi Kapoor with Junglee in 1961. Earlier in an interview, she revealed how Shammi Kapoor went rude to her and asked her to wear a burqa

Let’s talk about one of Bollywood’s Trivia where Shammi Kapoor once asked Saira to wear a burqa. The day was when Saira made her debut in 1961 with Junglee. Saira starred alongside legendary actor, Shammi Kapoor with whom her first conversation was not as she expected. Reportedly Saira was nervous on the shoot as the crowd was looking at her. The nervousness caused her to retake the scene multiple times. Looking at Saira’s nervous Shammi Kapoor rudely asked her to wear a burqa if she feels nervous.

Saira’s words were, “I remember Subodh ji (director Subodh Mukherjee) narrated a shot that required me to give a spunky look to the camera. I just wasn’t getting it right. A huge crowd had gathered all around and was making me nervous. ‘If you are so nervous of people watching you, come in a burqa for the shoot,’ Shammi ji hollered. I broke into tears. But despite his rude words, a bit of his energy must have rubbed off on me. I managed to get the shot right,”


This incident made Saria uncomfortable with Shammi Kapoor and thereafter she rejected several roles offered to her alongside Shammi Kapoor. But she finally agreed to work again with him in the 1975 film, Zameer. She later added in the interview, “I told him: ‘Shammi ji, I will never work with you until I learn acting a bit more.’ And I kept refusing offers opposite him. We finally worked together again in the 1975 film Zameer. We had a hearty laugh over the Kashmir incident,”