Saira Banu diagnosed with depression after Dilip Kumar’s demise, doctors say lack of sleep

Dilip Kumar’s demise on 7th July 2021 gave a shock to Bollywood lovers all across the globe. Reportedly her wife Saira Banu was taken to Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai after a minor heart attack. The doctors later gave a statement that she is suffering from depression too.

All is definitely not well for Saira Banu, who is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. On 1st August 2021, Saira Banu was rushed to the hospital after a heart attack. Fortunately, she was all okay and came to her sense in a while. Doctors reported it to be a minor heart attack. But recently the doctors gave an update about her health that the actress is also combatting coronary syndrome caused due to depression. One of the senior doctors examining Saira Banu stated PTI, “Yesterday, her cardiac tests happened and she has been diagnosed with the acute coronary syndrome,”

Doctors suggest that his husband, Dilip Kumar’s demise has affected her mentally and emotionally which led to depression. According to Saira is adamant to even halt the treatment and want to go home. She misses Dilip Kumar a lot which has damaged her sleeping cycles.


For her treatment doctors went for the angiogram procedure but the actress refused to give her consent. Doctors are awaiting her decision as the angiogram procedure is a necessity in such times. One of the senior doctors at Hinduja Hospital said, “Once she gives her consent, doctors can perform an angiography.”

On the day Dilip Kumar passed, Saira was wrenched in grief and sorrow. Her first words were, “God snatched away my reason for living”. The last rites were attended by actors like Dharmendra, Shah Rukh Khan, Sharad Pawar, Anupam Kher and many others. The duo was married for 55 years beginning their journey on October 11, 1966.