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Sabrina Lall was impressed by the fact that Vidya didn’t resembled Jessica

Sabrina Lall, the sister of Jessica Lall passed away on Sunday evening. In the movie ‘No one killed Jessica’ she was quite impressed by Vidya’s performance who portrayed her.


Bollywood is known for its over the top masala films where hero and heroine dance around the trees, say emotional dialogues in over the top style and finally get united at the end. Very few films have challenged this stereotype and became successful at the box office. One such film was Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee starter, “No One Killed Jessica”. The film was released in 2011 and proved to be a blockbuster as well as receiving thumbs up from the critics. It is one of the finest thriller or finest movies of Bollywood to date.

It was based on the murder of Jessica Lall in 1999, in a bar in Delhi by Manu Sharma. Sabrina Lall was the sister of Jessica who fought her case after her death. On Sunday evening, Sabrina Lall took her last breath as she succumbed to liver cirrhosis. Ranjit Lall her elder brother revealed to PTI, “She was not keeping well and had been in and out of hospital. Yesterday, her condition deteriorated at home and we took her to hospital. Today, in the evening, she passed away,”

A decade after the release of the film, Sabrina gave her opinion about the film. She was impressed by Vidya’s performance in the film and liked that she didn’t look resembled her. She said, “Vidya is brilliant. But I don’t think she was trying to replicate my personality in any way. No,we are not similar at all. But the girl plays Jessica is so much like Jessica in her vivacity and joie de vivre.”


The case to the limelight after Delhi High Court gave the clean chit to Manu Sharma. An emotion of dissatisfaction spread in the public which led to widespread protests and resistance. Looking at the public opinion the case was reopened and finally, on 20 December 2006, Manu Sharma was rewarded with life imprisonment.