Ronit Roy criticizes Swiggy riders’ traffic violations on social media

Renowned actor Ronit Roy, took to his official account on X to express his concerns regarding a recent encounter with a Swiggy delivery rider.

In a post shared with his followers, Roy recounted an alarming incident where he narrowly avoided a collision with one of Swiggy’s riders. He emphasised the importance of adhering to traffic regulations, particularly when navigating busy roads. Roy’s post read, “Swiggy, I almost killed one of your riders. They definitely need instructions on riding. Riding those small electric mopeds doesn’t mean that they ride on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic. But then, Do you even care for their lives, or is it just business as usual?”


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Acknowledging Roy’s concerns, Swiggy’s official social media account promptly replied to his post. They assured Roy that they expect all their delivery partners to comply with traffic laws and pledged to investigate the matter further. The response from Swiggy read, “Hey Ronit, we expect our delivery partner to follow all traffic rules and have noted this to be looked into, Do share any details if available for the necessary action to be taken. ^Luv.”

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Roy’s critique underscores the growing importance of road safety, particularly within the context of the burgeoning food delivery industry. As more individuals rely on these services, ensuring the safety of both delivery personnel and the general public remains paramount.

Stay tuned to for updates as Swiggy addresses Ronit Roy’s concerns and works towards enhancing safety measures for its delivery fleet.